Fall Motivation

“No matter how far fate has blown the frail tree of my life across foreign lands, its roots have always sucked nourishment from that little barren clod of soil from which it sprung.” Ivan Mestrovic Featured Photo Courtesy of Shelby Tay

Getting to the Root of it All

It’s easy to be overcome by the sensual beauty of brightly coloured flowers, or relax in the shade of dense, lush leaves, but it’s in the roots where magic and mystery happen and the alchemy of life occurs, transmuting one… Continue Reading →


Whisper words of different sights Moisture barren truth Underneath my sole I hear soil’s rich fabric Hone texture & Smell sentence roots Unscrambled I dig in & Walk by Tinni Zacco Featured Photo Courtesy of Paulina Rodriguez

Ingrained Memories

boughs bend leaves rustle tickle unspoken to echo in marrow weight of wind crack cortical collapse cancellous cradle scorched skin stretched scar braided striated muscle wrap remembrance morph myogenesis myoblasts fused from tendrils woven round gnarled spores spat from lips… Continue Reading →

Roots & Nuts

Big, green and fuzzy, comfrey is rooted all over the West End. Comfrey used to be abundant around the garden plots at Lord Roberts Elementary, but now it’s pretty much chopped down. I used to pull the big leaves through… Continue Reading →

Harvesting Wild Edible and Medicinal Roots

You don’t have to look too far outside your backdoor before running into a wild edible or medicinal root. Dandelion, burdock, chicory, yellow dock, evening primrose, Queen Anne’s Lace, elecampane, nettle, daylily. Many of these plants are weedy, non native… Continue Reading →


The world outside seemed such a safe and unchangeable place to me, until that Friday night in 1963. My parents were invited to a party at the University of British Columbia. My father promised he would take my brother and… Continue Reading →


It was 1973, the autumn of the 60’s. Our commune of a dozen people lived in a turn-of-the-century mansion in Delta. I thought of the house as the trunk of a tree. The roots put down decades ago by people… Continue Reading →


My roots are solid thick, heavy and eager to try different grounds. My roots are ready to pack up every value, happy memory proven that the world is just a massive garden. The purity of our roots are not contingent… Continue Reading →

Rooted in the West End

For thousands of years prior to the arrival of white settlers in the late nineteenth century, the Coast Salish peoples walked the forests and shores of what is today known as Vancouver’s West End. In Stanley Park the Squamish (Skwxwú7mesh)… Continue Reading →


The West End is a first stop for many newcomers to Vancouver. The neighbourhood received 14 % of new Vancouverites from 2001-2006. Canadian Census, 2011 When my family left for Vancouver, everyone was allowed to take one thing. My sisters and… Continue Reading →

The Words que Me Faltam

When I learned how to speak (parle) Foreigner Eu me impressionei com a estranheza Que habitava my body, dentro de mim. The words carregam emoções Que procuram mas não acham. Uninterrupted whispers Sobrepondo-se na minha pele. They’re layers of air,… Continue Reading →

Lady on a Bench Searching her Purse

Artwork Courtesy of ihath

Potential for Growth

My eyes were drawn to a simple branch growing out from the vast Squamish riverbed. The sun had come out after many unending days of rain, and the heaviness of my water-logged heart was just beginning to evaporate. The rain… Continue Reading →

I Will Draw You Some Maps

First, there were them, and them, and them. And then more. Then they mixed faces. Sepia, camel, chestnut and caramel. A pocket here, a group there. Whole communities disappeared. And now there is me… by Leanne Dunic


YOU Let my vision remain blurred as memories sharpen into focus. The cool tile of your South Beach flat, the sea green shag you chose for Otter Lane. I swing back in time to our common ground, bare feet, bare… Continue Reading →

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